coz its easier the closer you get to your chest but that looks stupid (apparently). so like around your bellybutton maybe a bit lower right?
rule of thumb, the lower it is the more metal, the higher, the more jazz

or something!!

while that always seems to be the case, for god's sake have it where you feel comfortable, not round your knees because you're a James Hetfield fan!! (i am and i don't!!!)
Meh, I don't care how it looks man, I care how I sound - for me it's as close to my face as possible - it does depend on what style of player you are however...

But for those ppl who so that having your guitar up high is stupid, check out Tom Morello or Van Halen. Tom always has his up high and Eddie for fast runs has his up high and on angle. At home I love my neck close to my face.

This however might just be me. But I think it takes a certain person to pull off a James Hetfield and it isn't me - jeez he looks wicked though!
Exactly, James is as cool as they come, he can even pull of an elvis costume and sing suspicious minds!!! seriously, look it up on youtube!!!
Tom Morello has his guitar way up there.
R.I.P. S.R.V. dimebag ain't got nothin' on you.
R.I.P. Hendrix... nevermind, god can't die
On my RR3, the short fin is just an inch above my knee.

As for my Strat, the backplate with all the screws and **** is below my waist.
Frank Gambale height ftw
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I play what ever is comfortable for that guitar. I like them around hip lvl. On my Flying v I like it a bit lower so I can put the v shape in between my leg and play the neck at a higher angle. On my explorer I like it lower so I can tilt it up.