what kind of strings that aren't going to get out of tune for alternative rock, metal and blues?
does the gauge really matter?
answer please
Gauge is more about feel than tuning stability, some people like the feel of a heavier string some a lighter. I go for Dean Markley 10-52 myself, they're pretty cheap and they seem to last well and stay in tune. I like the feel of nice chunky strings on the bottom for riffing while still being able to manipulate the higher strings easily, but it's completely up to you.
As far as tuning stability goes, unless you buy some super-cheap no-name brand ones I don't think you'll have a problem. Dean Markley, D'Addario, Ernie Ball, they're all good choices.
Quote by stellaras
what kind of strings that aren't going to get out of tune for alternative rock, metal and blues?
does the gauge really matter?
answer please

It all depends on the gauge+tuning, and the bridge and tuners on your guitar.

I use 009 - 042s for standard E in my Ibanez, and it hardly goes out of tune because I have locking tuners.

It's best to just tell us the tuning you want, and then people can suggest you different gauges for different tunings and different amounts of tension.

It's best to have your trussrod adjusted by a pro (of by yourself if you're careful enough) if you're going to swap strings, though.
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my favourite strings are Ernie Ball, Elixir and SIT.They're all very good.for you the best are Ernie Ball, they get hard out of tune(for me at least).
Ernie Ball 10's are my preference, they never go out of tune, and even with uber heavy playing they still manage to last me like a month.
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i love elixir 10's. i only changed them about a week ago and theyve lasted me since october without the tone dying in the ass. theyre good strings. worth the extra $$ because they last heaps longer
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if you cant stay in tune it not cause the strings. but id say ernie ball 9's or 10's are the safest bet for now. but experiment with others cause each person likes things a bit different then the next...
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Again, it's all down to gauge and tuning preferences. I use Ernie Ball super-mega titanium strings (12-55's) because I play Black Metal in C Standard... So, you probably won't want them for rock seeing as you're unlikely to be playing in such damn' WEIRD settings as I do!
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what ernie ball are better for me? Nickel Wound, Coated / Titanium, Reinforced, Pure Nickel, Stainless Steel?