After a lot of consideration over which amp i would like to use for gigging, i have narrowed it down to the two of these, the Vox Ac30 and the Marshall Jcm 800.
They both seem to suit my style well from what i have read, and i will obviously try them both out before i buy.
I play blues, classic rock, as well as various other types of rock, but nothing very heavy.

So far i have no idea and although i will probably get a better idea when i try them out.

I just want to hear what you guys think, and also wondered if anybody had any recommendations of which amps within the Ac30 and Jcm 800 ranges are best.

i would get the ac30 because..well...its sounds like an ac30. if your are constantly playing stuff with a bit more gain the jcm800 is very nice. honestly i think you will be happy with either choice they are both great amps. ac30 for me though.
The needs you descried fall exactly on the AC30. Try both but I expect you will buy the Vox.
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I'd go for the AC30, it seems to suit you perfectly. And if you have any high gain leads, you can always get a Big Muff or something.
AC30 >>>>> JCM800.

Oh, and AC30 + Big Muff = sex.


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ac30 sounds like it would be your best bet for the type of stuff that you're playing.
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I'd go with the AC 30, but i'd also look at a JTM 45 over a JCM 800.
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AC30 >>>>> JCM800.

Oh, and AC30 + Big Muff = sex.

Lmao thats some expensive sex dude.

But all jokes aside thanks for the advice i shall try it out

Also, how would a treble boost go with the Ac30.
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obviously there a lot different, but like someone already said if you were gonna look into a marshall you should look at the jtm 45 or the ac30 , i have an ac30 and love it, but it isnt ffor everyone but als o you could save yourself some moeny if you like marshall tone and get maybe a traynor or something, ive heard they can get a good marshally sounding tone
+1 to the jtm suggestion

you may also want take a look at a sovtek mig50
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.