I was in a guitar shop today and i saw a guitar i hadnt heard of before. The brand was called Kayne.
The guitar had a cutaway, brown tortoise shell pickguard, white binging and blue sort of tortoise shell strip running around next to the binding. The body was made of a dark kind of wood. Anyway i played it and it was amazing. The sound was brilliant and the pickup sounded pretty good to. It was only $249 Australian. For the price range it is one of the best guitars i have played. The one i played either needed new strings or they were brand new because it made a lot of sliding noises when i played.

I am going to buy it very soon. Has anyone heard of this brand before? Or had any experience??
I will post lots of pics when i get it so people can see.
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definitely never heard of it before

good though you found a guitar you immediately liked
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I bought a Kayne acoustic today with cutaway and pickup for $250 aus dollars. What an awesome guitar for the price. I was told by the salesman they are made by Tanglewood guitars. I also read elsewhere they are a replacement for Magnum guitars albeit upmarket. I used to own a magnum and they were rubbish. I notice that the top is made from two pieces of wood (there is a fine join near the middle) I would like to know what kinds of wood are used in these guitars. The model is kad539cen.
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