Constant train of thought, first draft as I type.


Within the reflection of my life
the crash is caught in the rear view
Twisted steel and melted grace
The liquid black catches fire,
Indebted solitude saving face.

Pressing down on breaking gears
The strain of want confounds the need,
And to this end I find the line
between what has come and what has gone
The melody to my harmony has broken free.

And all these wasted moments amount to naught
My violent momentum lost in aimless cause
Turn back the hand of time, till these collisions remain unmet
For all the speed in which I lived, the sudden end has caught
up with the downside of preying on the weak within

Kiss the dashboard, and pray for luck
Crystal blue on the horizon before us, looking back
forever blinds from what lies ahead
The sun glare meets my eyes as your head on my shoulder
Finding power in the pain of the heat of the moment

Shifting sands, rusted beauty in nostalgia
Set this doomed course to full throttle, and give in
to the inevitable force of physical failings, yet
Hands free, the wheel spins to a control not my
own intention short of reality

And all these moments amount to nothing
Our violent momentum losing direction and
purpose, of the cause to my inevitable crash, still
My speed of living has caught up with the
downside of preying on the weak within

Looking the the rearview, all I see
Are red lights behind me
Faster still, our hearts pump
adrenaline in the veins numbing pain
and confusing pleasure for what is
and what should be
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