Just heard shawn lanes two albums, just heard a new standard of music. I used to think metal and rock was the better of genres, shawn lane showed me the light. So i found out hes doing jazz fusion thing yea, so i decideded to google a few jazz fusion guitarists, but i cant find any thats even 1 third as good as shawn lane!!!!

Can anyone recommend me something shawn lany? most of the jazz fusion stuff from e.g. eric johnson, andy timmons (fusion i think), and allan hoodsworth is abit boring, but im not sure, i havent heard of of their songs obviously, so im wondering if anyone could recommend me something as upbringing and as melodic and harmonic as shawn lanes jazz. Thanks!!!

Btw i like guthrie govan too, hes second on my list, steve vai used to be first, but he got pood on by jazzness, and i also like abit of matias el ekhund (the freak kitchen guy, dont know how to spell his name) even tho technically he may not b jazz fusion, but yea...

Thankkxxzzz plzzz.

I think what i like about shawn lane is the aggro use of legatos and fancy sound effects and heaps of instruments at a time..... incase anyone wants something more specific....
you might want to have look at greg howe?

he does some quite fusiony guitar playing imo!
Top lel.
Guthrie Govan. He is the man =]
I love my keyboardist, he's hot.

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