Hey guys,

first of all, I apologise for starting another topic of what is essentially the same thing but there has been a change since I last spoke to you....I can now go used....

So in that note, I would like a high gain amplifier, capable of a good metal tone (Lamb of God, Children of Bodom, (early) Avenged Sevenfold), able to do classic rock nicely (Led Zep, AC/DC, etc) some 80s rock (Whitesnake, Van Halen), and decent cleans (think intro to one, clean bits from Creed/Alter Bridge songs)

Also, as I will be mainly using it in my room, rehearsals and small gigs, it doesn't need to be a half stack, but if that is my best option I'm not closed to it.....but it does need to be capable of being played at bedroom levels.

My main guitar is a PRS Custom 24 and I have a budget of £1000

From the previous threads I've heard good things about the ENGL Power/Fireballs, the Peavey 6505/XXX/JSX and the Hughes and Kettner Switchblade.....Is there anything else I should be considering now I am able to go used?

And for anyone in the UK, what is a good place to buy used (apart from eBay)?

Thanks again guys, and again I apologise for all the threads I've been making, but this is my first time buying a really good amp and I don't know as much as I would like!
Peavey 6505 + chorus pedal
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Peavey 6505 + chorus pedal

head/cab or combo?

Is there a noticable sound difference between the two?
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Peavey 6505 + chorus pedal

that could work, for 1000 pounds he can do way better. have you looked into finding ENGL's used? i also think the mesa f-series would do alot of what you need for less if you're only tentative about spending your whole budget.
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The new Peavey 112 coming out around April-June will be only $535 and it can do pretty much what you requested. You should consider waiting a bit.
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Thanks guys, that pretty much confirms what I was thinking so thanks!

I'm gonna go and try out the JSX and the 5150/6505 in a couple of weeks....and I think the shop I'm going to has a few ENGLs in stock too so I'll give them a go whilst I'm there!

Thanks again!