hey guys i wrote this song for my band with a friend and i was wondering if you guys could give any ideas on anything else that could be done to improve it...

p.s. i know the drums arent right but i dont understand how to write drums!! also the second guitar solo isnt written yet other than that its the finished product!

will do c4c
song for crit.zip
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thanks for checking out my tune man.

wow, im loving the blues riff. this is a cool start. wasnt too keen on the bass intro. the second riff is ok but not as wicked as the next one. its really hard to invision this as a song with ur drums. i can make new ones if u want. just pm me, im pretty wasted right now. i can imagine the riff at 61 will be pretty dark. this is pretty chaotic man, maybe wokr on some of the transitions. and as for the outro. i know this may offend u being a bass player but im just not w massive fan of bass by itsellf unless its really kick ass and you solo bass riff is abit bland. sorry to be so honest about it.
Instead of chords for the intro, maybe an improvised bass solo. Nice guitar solo, and there are some good riffs in there.

At bar 61, is it just Tuxguitar or does that first note in the bar really hold on until bar 69?

You should probably differ the intro to the outro, nomatter what you do with them.

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I like it for the most part (especially the guitar that'll be in the background for the second solo) except for the intro. I think the repeat kinda interrupts the groove so far, and it takes a bit to get back into it.
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Hahaha, I really liked the riffs.

Structure-wise, I like to build my songs a bit differently, but I can see how that works. Intro and outro are a bit... alone there. That's another thing I would've done differently. I like to build my songs around the riffs and fuse them together. Make them sound like they are the same thing.

But great stuff. Absolutely.
Its cool but the drums are quite wierd :P try use an ordinary style instead:P not just bashing