Yes i read the forum rules, but please ive heard too much about this and i just need to clarify if there is one hands down winner or if both are acceptable.

For those who are confused, this is a thread about picking from your elbow or hand.

When i started my teacher gave me a speed building exercise, it was single string for long periods so i started using my elbow and i saw results really quickly and found the exercise almost addicting so i used that for a picking practice. After a year of playing i heard some negative things about elbow picking but not a lot until my teacher said that you can only go so fast with elbow picking and hand picking can gain much more speed. I have a feeling to disagree only from personal experience, whenever i do long phrases of decent speed my hand will cramp up from hand picking.

Also your elbow has mechanical advantage, since the distance from your elbow to your pick is greater that your hand to your pick, meaning less movement from your elbow so you can sort of just shake your elbow and be picking at a great speed.
On a downside, i have only seen one or two professional guitarists pick from their elbows.

So please leave your comments and try to back up whatever you say with some evidence. Thanks in advance
It should never be purely one thing. Anyone who says it's just _____ is probably wrong. Picking should always have a good mix of both wrist and elbow.
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i pick as in single notes and tremelo with my wrist and then power chord with my shoulder. i usually do normal chords with my wrist as it looks more ... graceful?
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