Ok I'm currently using a 30 watt valvetronix and I've just started messing about recording a few things onto my laptop.
I'm recording by using a cable running from the amps line out to the laptops mic input and it records fine although at the moment not great quality, but using this method I can't hear what would be coming out of the amp. Probably a stupid question but is there any other way similar to this other than close micing that would let me hear what I'm playing as I record it?
see if you can enable the line in volume (for playback; separate from the recording volume) and then listen with headphones

I'm interested to see how they sound, so it would be cool if you can post something up here
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Use a recording interface and a DAW, so you can hear yourself through your computer speakers/headphones. Also, some pedals have a USB out for recording, Eg Some of the Digitech RP's, so you can use them as an interface.
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ok i have sony sound forge on my pc to record with, so do I need a recording interface in order to hear what I am playing?