I have been looking for a new amp for a while but i just haven't found one to suit my needs. For example it HAS to be under $200 (preferebly under $150), and I'd also like to do some smaller gigs, and SOME effects would be nice (like maybe reverb or something like that), but if there is none I would be okay with it.
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Dude, it's gonna be hard to find something to meet that criteria. Is saving more money to get an even better amp an option? If not, what about one of those solid state vox's? I never played one but I've heard good things about them.
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Not many options there. I'd try a Vox DA 5 or a Roland Microcube.
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Style of stuff you play dude>?

Well mostly rock, hard rock, metal and such
and more money is NOT an option
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