So I've never really ventured up to the top ends of the fretboard in any music I've learnt, but now I am, I'm finding it real hard to fret the top notes cleanly without them fuzzing out or something similar. I'm talking the frets up past the 17th mainly, particularly when you get past 20. Am I supposed to use the very tip of my pinky? That's what I've been doing and it sounds better at least...
practice, I dont think there is a particular technique, just repeat it untill you find a way which suits you.
I suppose it depends what you are doing, exactly. I generally play them like I would play any other frets. You should be able to use any of your fingers (again, depending on what you are playing). I am not really entirely sure of your problem. It sounds like something you just need to practice as a whole (IE: playing clean, fast, and accurate).
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