Joey Belladonna Vs. Seven Witches, or "Which Show should I Attend?"

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Joey Belladonna
3 75%
Seven Witches and Steel Kingdom
1 25%
Voters: 4.
So in a few weeks, there are going to be two shows coming to the area and performing on the same night (March 27th) at different venues. One is Joey Belladonna with a few no-name local acts, the other is Seven Witches (with James Rivera) and Steel Kingdom. I'm not a huge fan of any of these bands, but since it's going to be a Friday night, and a lot of metal acts don't come around here (Rochester, NY), I'll probably go to one or the other. Which show would be a better bet? Also, does anyone know how much of Belladonna's set is comprised of Anthrax material? That's a somewhat relevant factor in this decision.

dunno how much Anthrax stuff he plays, but it should be awesome enough
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joey was in armored saint... so definitely joey
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Quote by Kepulix

dunno how much Anthrax stuff he plays, but it should be awesome enough

I know he used to play Anthrax tunes on tour, but that might not be the case this time around.

Also, is his solo stuff any good? I've heard the self-titled (first album) is decent...was going to try to give it a listen before the tour comes around.

@ konigstiger: You might be thinking of John Bush.