I am very surprised on how much I am enjoying my EPI SG-400. I have never owned a Gibson and refuse to shell out big bucks for one but it seems that the EPis may good enough for me. The only downfall on the EPIs is that they do not hold their value at all. I swapped the Humbuckers with 57 Classics and it sounds a little better. I realized that the EPI pups were not as bad as I thought or the 57 Classics were not as good as I thought. I bought my slightly used black SG-400 in mint condition at a local pawn shop for only $109 (obviously mismarked) and it is one of the better playing guitars I have ever owned in my 15 years of playing. I think they maythe most under-rated bargains out there and I don't have to worry about dings or scratches which always mysteriously show up. I suppose everyone has an inexpensive guitar they don't admit to playing.
In a way i agree, I always end up going back to my epi G400 custom, I just cant help it. Although there are clear problems with it...
i always play my brother squire lol some one droped hot rails in it and its sounds like a beast
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cheaper guitar always sound pretty sweet once the **** pickups are replaced with something nice.
Save Gibson

^Do it, if you want Gibson to stop with the poor QC and terrible new guitars...
some are incredibly good, others are "meh", and some are absolute crap. It all depends on whether yours is a good one. not the model, not where it's built etc.. But the same applies to everything mass produced really.

I am a serious guitar hoarder: by summer time i should have 4 epiphones. It's more or less my life to go around places playing a lot of guitars in shops and whenever i find one that i really like, i buy it, if i can afford it. Which is the reason i've got a G-400 which was my first guitar, a Les Paul Junior, which oddly enough is very good, despite being absolute junk "on paper", and my Sheraton II from 1998 which is an unbelievably well built guitar - absolutely flawless, except one splodge on the finish near the headstock which is just cosmetic.

Soon i'm getting a '99 G-400 custom which stands out as being almost as well built as my sheraton! I think epiphone get a bad reputation nowadays as it was only in the last 20 years or so that they became the gibson "knockoff" brand. Prior to that, despite being owned by gibson since 1957, they were actually a very reputable company.
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...A little too proud, to be honest.
There's never been much wrong with Epis (apart from the electronics - but same with most guitars at this price). Obviously they don't have the feel and sound of a good Gibson.
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