The song is on my profile. It starts of with some space jammin' for 1:30 and then the song kicks in in earnest. This is a rip from the live webcast so it's not exactly soundboard quality but you'll get the gist of it.

I'm on vox/guitar, and there is bass and drums as well.

C4C as usual (even though some of yinz guyz still owe me some crits).


Sickness now is comin' on me, I gotta fight it off.
With the help of those who love me, I'm gonna make my stand.
Come and get me,
Come and get me, if you can.

Set me down by the water, and let me breathe.
Set me high up on the mountain and let me be.
Leave me there until the night comes,
Comes over me.

Cause I'm in need, of some healin'
Healin' company.
Bathe in the starlight, oh, set us free.

Count the stars in the heavens, and count your days.
Sing the songs of your fathers and feel their pain.
Don't believe what people tell you,
About their chains.

Catch a train up to the night sky, while there's still time.
Leave this world for the next one and shed your fears.
But come back to us quickly,
And dry our tears.


Photo from the performance:
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    Heya mate, thanks very much for your crit on my track.

    I'd like to hear this recorded in the studio, but the live recording isn't that bad, and i think the live aspect is important to this song.
    The main verse riff is obviously fairly simple but super effective, and then your solo at the end is a killer.
    Your voice reminds me a little of Phil Collins, who I like a great deal.

    It's very voodoo child, nothing wrong with that. Glad you put the lyrics up because It's hard to hear the vocals clearly. I like the druming and a real sweet solo. You should record this tune properly to get the most out of it. Good work overall.


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    Intro's sounding real sweet kinda makes me wish I was there.
    Liking the vocals, waiting for the whole thing to burts into a rocker (annoying people in the background). I'm getting the feeling that no such transition is gonna happen but the songs good as it is if it doesn't. The repetive guitar part sounds suprisingly good and fits very nicely.
    Nice solo fits the song very well. I would have liked it even more if the song went into a more powerfull chorus or something but it is very good as it is and I think the choice to keep it simple was very good.
    Kinda SRV'ish I guess. Digged it, would like to hear some more stuff.

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