Really really good!!
I enjoyed listening to it, it was really cool, but from the middle-end it got a little sticky, and the melody wasn't really as good as in the beginning of the song.

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Pretty cool song. In short, I was very impressed to begin with but then it started to go downhill.

"Intro" sounded very nice to begin with ... then the drums came in and it sounded amazing. Then the awesome bass came in and blew me away. Then the guitar came in for "Verse...?" and I could barely hear it, but if I turn it up then it sounds great. I also loved the way "Bridge...?" came in - but the guitar has to be much louder. Second part of "Bridge...?" didn't do much for me but it then went back to the nice "Verse...?" bit.

Then I got very bored.

What happened to the drums? You call it "Complete Song" but are you really not planning on adding more percussion? The "Chorus...?" part I found very dull without percussion. Then the next "Bridge...?" bit was pretty good ... but I'm sure it needs some drumming too, albeit nothing heavy or extravagant. "Interlude" was nice, and I liked the "Solo...?" part. Then "Bridge Part 2" and "Bridge 3...?" came in - severely lacking drums - and then "Transition" bored me further. "Thing" and "Chorus 2...?" were nice in themselves. The melody starting at measure 200 was great, and I loved the other guitars coming in.

Overall, the song started off amazing but then got quite tedious before the half way mark - and surely you're not planning on leaving it without drums like that? Even in the latter parts that I call "tedious", there are some great little melodies and so on which could potentially make a really great song if drums were added and some parts were made a little more interesting.

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Thanks for the crit guys. I'm not a drummer in any sense apart and can only come up with drums for the odd bit of a song so i only put in what i could in the song. I'm waiting for my bands drummer who's gonna fill in the blanks hopefully.

And also sorry for my naming of the different parts, this was how i sent it to my bandmates and i was basically telling them i was unsure of the naming.

Thanks guys, if the drums get finished ill be sure to update