Is the Edge III double-locking tremolo by Ibanez really that bad?


Would it be ok for a person's first double-locking trem?

How long does it last?
They aren't as bad as people say they are. The only people that have problems with them are those who rape the whammy bar all the time. They aren't any worse than any other LFR system I've used. I don't use the trem a ton so I've never had a problem with the Edge III.
It's fine. I've been using an Edge III for years and it works better than the (non-original) Floyd Rose on my ESP. It's not perfect or anything, I prefer an Edge Pro like the one in my JEM over any tremelo bridge. It's good for a beginner. I like it a lot because the Floyd Rose on my ESP has an arm that has a lot of tension and won't go down as easy whereas the Edge III is really easy to push up or down. It'll last a few years and if you're a beginner, you'll be getting a new guitar in a few years either regardless.
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What if you use it a lot... but properly?

It should last you a good 2 years or so. I went whammy crazy for my first Edge III bridge and after about 2 or so years the whammy bar started falling out but it's nothing you can't fix. Also, be careful on which model you get and where you get it. I tested an Ibanez RG350 at George's Music and the Edge III was floating but when I bought a new one from there, it wasn't floating so I had to pay extra to have it done.
" When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace."-Jimi Hendrix
I just bought a used Ibanez RG350 (I'm just starting with guitars) and It took me three days to get the guitar tuned and to stay in tune. It's a little bit annoying to get used to I guess but other than that it's ok.
personally, i wouldn't get a guitar with a known mediocre (or worse) trem. It's just not worth the hassle.

"you'll be buying a new guitar anyway" is specious logic... why should you have to? even if you do, why not have 2 guitars? etc. etc.

i still play my first guitar, and i have 7 or 8 now. I'd play it more if it didn't have a crappy lo-trs (the edge III's precursor).

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