Hey. I have a few questions..

I have been learning on my acoustic since about october/November last year. Until then I was leaning on an electric, but, not very constructively, just a few chords. So obviously I found this guitar much harder to play but the guy in the shop said it was good for beginners because the strings had a 'low action' or were close to the fretboard. It doesn't feel this way sometimes. I seem to not be getting any stronger even though I'm messing about on it nearly every day, especially practicing bar chords. Admittedly I'm something of an ADD sufferer :P my practice is often interupted or all over the place, I'm easilly distracted.

Here is my acoustic: http://www.musicalworld.co.uk/product_Tanglewood_TFA_VS_Grand_Auditorium_Guitar.html


But.. I'm frustrated that I still can't play a barr chord where all the strings ring nicely. If I do, I get tremendous pain after about a minute or two and just have to stop.


I am also a bit concered still over how I hold my pick. I am increasingly warned off of holding it index and middle finger and thumb. I think I opt for this method because I can play quietly without the pick slipping out of my fingers. With index and thumb this happens to me.


If I use a capo higher then the 3rd or fourth fret my guitar paticularly the top E string make it sound like a toy guitar (to me at least), It's a solid top but not back and sides methinks. I'm not sure if this is a string problem or the general quality of my guitar. I have the origional strings. It's just not quite making the sound I really want being a beginner this is hard for me to describe.


Last problem.. I'm making rough recordings for mental note, to show others, get feed back, or improvise some lead ontop later on, but I have a poor quality mic (Under 10 pounds) The sounds ok it's just so quiet. Is it possible to use two mics with Audacity? I'm sure my sound card has two mic ports.. or I could somehow add another. Mic my guitar and one for vocals (often I'm singing softly, I don't have the greatest voice). So yeh that's a lot of problems but thought I might aswell get them all in one post.
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1. That's normal. It takes a while for your muscles to build up the strength. The pain you're feeling is similar to the pain someone gets after running their first marathon.
2. Hold the pick however you want. I constantly switch between index-thumb and index-third-thumb, for dynamic reasons. Also, I can alternate pick better index-thumb. So just do what feels best to you.
3. Change the strings, then see what's up. How long have you had the guitar? Also, is the capo being put on correctly?
4. No idea. Sorry.
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Thanks for responding though it was a lot. The pain factor I understand but it's taking so long! I guess I'm being impatient? Yeh I find alternate picking easier index/thumb, not the current method, that's why I was worried.

Thanks for the replies though, it was helpful
Accidents waiting to happen
Heh, don't worry about it taking so long. I still can't do barrechords most the time, and I have quite strong hands and fingers (Ten years of piano ftw!)
But keep pushing yourself, and you'll be fine!
will someone carry me across ten thousand miles under the silence