So I just started to learn cubase, and I'm trying to improve overall as a musician. No better way than transcribing, since I can really see how the big bands do their jobs. Anyway, I've chosen beauty in black by therion (the live in midgard version).
It's short (3 mins and something) sounds pretty simple (basic drumbeat, no shredding - so I could also play the guitar parts), has some acoustic sections and overall sounds great. Not to mention I can play it in my head since I've listened to it hundreds of times.

But I'm already stuck - I finished 16 drumbeats (till acoustic), which sound ok. I fixed the tempo, 77, and the midi for the drums is in sync with the original song. The string beats (1-7) sounds fine, the piano was even easier - but all 16 beats have something in the original song that I can't nail. It's subtely audible in measures 8-16 (piano) and further, sounds like a wahy bass or something. I can't even realise what's between 1-7, but there is definitely something there, since only drums and strings won't do the trick.

My 16 beats can be heard here: http://www.musicuploader.org/uploaded.php?file=32361236528806.mp3 (yeah yeah I know crappy site). I don't really have a lot of experience in multitrack recording, nor mixing (yes, this might need mixing and mastering).

I want to know what's missing from my 16 beats, instrument-wise.
edit: I've added two bass bars (8-10)
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