Take It Slow is our first recording and we're pretty proud of it. Overall the mix could be better since the guitar solo wasn't loud enough but we plan to make another recording. Also check out some of the live videos on our page too and let us know what you think.

We also have some live videos available. I think this one turned out really good:
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Really nice song, good playing, good structure! Its pretty catchy

The only confusing thing is that your myspace address isnt the same as your band name, and your "genres" arent right.

good luck
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Thanks we're really proud of it and definitely can't wait to get more songs up. With the URL being different than the name, it was already taken so we just decided on that and we really have no idea what genres we'd belong in, if you have an idea please do tell. We just kinda picked the genres of our main influences. Thank you so much for checking us out though.
We just posted two new songs on our myspace, Damages and Taking You With Me. Check them out! The recordings could be better but they aren't too bad for the time we put into it.