I know its kinda of a stupid question but I am looking for a guitar and am not sure which would be the better choice as some cutaways are expensive, would do you think?
i have a ibanez without a cutaway its great but sometimes i wish i had the cutaway lol
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The guitar, the only beautiful female that looks better with the top ON haha

Both of my Taylors are cutaways and I play the snot out of those high notes. If all you want to do is play some chords, then I wouldn't worry about it. If you plan to use those notes, as already mentioned, then spend the extra $$ to get the proper guitar.
There's ups and downs to both.

- Easier access to higher frets
- Higher cost(usually comes with electronics as well)
- Neck heel often gets in the way so the access isn't completely utilized
- Tone is slightly thinner, although it's not noticeable at all

- No access to higher frets
- Cheaper
- Fuller tone(although you probably won't notice the difference)

Obviously, the most sensible advice is just for you to buy according to what you're going to use. I don't really go up there often so I bought a non-cutaway. It looks better to me because I like simplicity(and cutaways aren't simple enough ).
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Cutaway ever since I bought mine I never touch my other guitars!
If you're really having a hard time deciding, one school of thought is to just go for the cutaway, because then you'll always have the ability to play those high notes if you ever change your mind and begin to try more "solo-y" music. However, if you purchase an instrument without a cutaway, there's little potential for you to just fetch a saw and make one yourself! Thus, it could be safer to just go for the extra feature and avoid having to be restricted later. I assume that this won't be the last guitar you ever buy, so don't feel too pressured by the decision. You could always buy one of each type, if you're rolling around in money! Wow, I kind of wish that I was.
If you play songs that require you to access high frets then buy it. If not then you don't have any use for it.

If you are one of the people who think cutaways look cooler, then go ahead and spend the extra money and buy one. The tone doesn't suffer, but it can be different.
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