Ok so I'm new to this whole guitar building thing, but i figured id give it a shot anyway.

So the problem is when i started i had 24/7 access to a soldering iron for the three wires that i needed to attach, but now i wont have access to it for 3 more monthes (long story, brother took it to college). Anyway i want to get it working, so i use it in my room and leave my good guitar at a band members house where we jam, and my question is, as a temporary fix could i make sure the metal is touching where its supposed to and tape it down? It'd be a hassle adjusting it all the time i know, but like i said just temporary until i can solder it correctly.

Also the labels on the wire got mixed up (actually removed) by my cousin, and i know which one is the grounding wire and which two go to the input jack (because i tied them together) but does it matter which one goes to where on the input jack? they attach to two different spots on the back of the pickguard, but appear to go to basically the same spot on the input jack. The wires are black and white, and the guitar model is a fender strat knockoff.

Thanks in advance for any help!!!
soldering iron= 8 bucks. splurge.
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yeah, soldering irons are cheap, u dont need a very powerful one to solder a guitar...its not like ur making an amp or somthing.
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