hey guys...i just bought a digitech rp250...i posted a thread saying it was fuxed and then ppl helped me (thanks) and it turned out that the input socket was fuxed
i got another one for it
yeh anyway
how can i jump from an effect to another i mean the mrshll one and then my edited mrshll one with a bit of a compresswor and a bit of delay y know...i dunno how to store also
i want to store smthin and then jump directly from riff to solo the gap is like 3 seconds bet riff n solo
and if there's anything cool i should know about the pedal let me know xD
thanks again
well, to store, just press the button on the far right that says store. the screen will beegin to blink with a preset number on it. just move with the pedals to the preset where you want it stored and press "store again". If your rythm sound is preset number 2, make your lead sound be number 3, and so on.

One thing i did to avoid being guessing presets, was to save the presets according to the song. For example, for playing enter sandman, i saved a clean preset(1), then a scooped mesa boogie rythm(2), then i had the same preset but with more volume, treble, and gain for leads(3), then a preset with wah for the solo(4), then i copied the clean one(5) so i didn't have to jump from 4 to 1 during the bridge, then i copied the rythm and that's it. Your have 40(?) presets, so you won't run out of them unless you play like 10 songs and all of them are really diferent.

on the delay between effects, that's someting you will have to deal with, you cant take it out, but i discovered with my RP50 that if you get the Noise gate to a lower level, the change is a bit faster between presets, but there's still a gap.