for some reason my computer wont open that type of file. could you chuck it on GP5?
You have to extract it, then go to the file and right click > Open with... > GP5
Thanks man

Now for the song:

The lead guitar is very repetive, his isn't a bad thing as it goes quite well but the catachyness which i think a good pop-punk song should have is getting missed out. I don't really like the 9th bar on the lead guitar which is played through the song. Some chords there instead could give a more of an effect.

Take out the nylon guitar totally, it just doesn't fit in smoothly.

The bridge has an awesome intro, really goes with the melody of the song but you start to loose it half through the 28th bar. If you stick to the rythem of the 26th and 27th bars but mix it up abit it could sound really good.

Other than that its a good song. Nice work man.
If you make any changes let me know and i'll check it out.
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