Hey guys,

So im saving up for a new amp head and cabinet, i cant get a 4x12 cab so im going to get a marshall 1936 2x12 and probably change the speakers, but I'm not sure which head to get, I know its down to personal preferance and everything, but i was wondering which head you would go for? The DSL100 or the 2203KK.

I play lots of high gain metal like metallica (think ...And Justice For All/Black Album era) slayer, August Burns Red, Children of Bodom and Trivium, but i also play a bit of Blues like BB king and SRV.

I'd love to save up for something like a Mesa or ENGL but i absoloutley hate my current amp which is a Line 6 Spider III, so i wanted to get something nice fairly quickly.

thanks in advance
I like the DSL more than the KK sig, because the DSL series is about as good as Marshall cleans come, and it is a little more modern sounding than the KK. I think the KK is based on the JCM 800, so that would be a bit more like Ride the Lightning and Master of Puppets era Metallica. You also might want to look at the JVM series if you want a Marshall their nice, and about the same cost a a DSL here is the States.
I don't really like the DSL100, I don't think it ever really sings like other amps can, even if you crank it. The 2203KK has an epic sound for thrash metal (more than enough gain) and the built in noise gate is unbelievably tight. A lot of early thrash bands used JCM 800 2203's and the Kerry King is obviously based on his standard 800 2203. I think you should definately go for the 2203KK.
Thanks for the advice guys, i find it quite hard to compare the two sound wise, so i guess it'll just come down to personal preferance on the day thanks alot.
Used is the way to go here, IMO... FWIW the amp Metallica used in that era was a Mesa Mark III. On puppets they used a Mark IIC+ slaved into a Marshall power amp. So you're looking for an American voiced amp, maybe a Peavey XXX? Or, there's always the Rectifier models from mesa if you look used.
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You can't lose getting either one.

If you want a harder edged sound go with the KK2203 probably. I've never played on one but the clips I've heard were great.

I have 3 DSL 100s and they're AWESOME!!! But I play mostly classic rock.. I'm not a thrasher.

I also recently got a JCM 800 2203X and it is also BAD ASS!! It's an unstoppable beast that devours everything in it's path!!!!!!!
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I would get the 2203kk cause alexi from bodom uses it as his main amp now!

Yeah i heard that he uses that head now, and Alexis my favourite guitarist at the moment so i think ill be getting the 2203KK haha
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