ney. they don't sound good to me, and don't play good. BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTT...
you might like it, which is all that matters, so try it.
go to a store, play different guitars, write down the ones you like, go from there

Bc Rich makes good guitars but you might want to try one out before buying one. I know people who love the way they look but can't stand the way it fits in their lap or the neck width and ****.
im sure we could find a better guitar for you
the low end BC richs get a lot of **** tbh
but the newer ones tend to play better

hav you looked into ESP/LTD guitars?
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i had one
plays okay
until you play something thats about £50 more expensive
which turns out to be much better
save up and gett a ibanez or jackson
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I have one right now. I like it (tone and looks), but it won't be as physically durable (my fretboard and bridge are dying on me) as a slightly higher end Ibanez/Jackson/ESP...

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Cool watched some vids sounds really nice, and its cheap.
Is Washburn good company?
Yes, washburn is good.
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Oh just i never really herd of them ;o
My friend has a washburn base which is pretty pew pew pew sooo

ty all for help
Quote by benmcele
Oh just i never really herd of them ;o
My friend has a washburn base which is pretty pew pew pew sooo

ty all for help

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Washburn makes some good stuff, but their cheap stuff is pretty much complete crap (like lyon by washburn). That guitar should be good, though.