This thread is adressed to Fulltone OCD owners! I've had it already for 2/3 months. I'm enjoying every gram of it (woah metaphore).

I think we can share our setting in this thread, so we can get the most out of this unit.

It's really easy to get good tones out of it.Anyway, I was wondering how to replicate famous tones! Mostly:

-Angus Young?
-Clean Rhythm?
-Overdriven Rhythm?
-Jimmy Page?


PS: I really like the HP/LP switch, really makes a difference. Though I don't like the big difference in output there is between the two. When you switch to the LP it kinda loses the power!
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I think the Jimmy page one, for some of the stuff, would be on LP. Slash with gain around 3 o' clock and tone at 12 o' clock. Don't really know about volume, I haven't tested the effects of the volume change on overall tone very thoroughly. And is it true that if you run it at 18v instead of 9v you get a gain and volume boost?
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So far, I've always used it with a 9v battery (or power adapter). I've heard that the more voltage you feed it, the better it reacts (more gain and dynamics). I should try it myself before judging, though!

By the way, I agree that Jimmy Page should be on LP. Any ideas on drive, tone and volume?
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