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Yes, someone "was ate jam" while they were playing.
Brilliant observation.

I just started writing stuff actually, but playing something through a loop and listening to it helps me tweak it so it becomes better.
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mess about on my guitar. then if i find something i like, ill write stuff to fit that.
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just piss about anywhere on the neck till you hear something you like. i never try and write a riff that im looking for.
Playing along to a drum loop always helps me write riffs
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Just sitting there with my guitar, no backing tracks. I usually get stuck in 4/4 timing though I think..
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i like to study guitarists styles and then putting different styles together and adding my style to it i usually come up with some cool riffs
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I just play stuff.
I keep getting stuck with having all my riffs utilize the lowest note most of the time. How can I vary my riffs a little more?
I usually sit down, with a joint, strum around see what tempo I'm feeling. Then set up my metronome, and just dick around til my high wear off. I also always record my sessions, then i use Fruity loop to chop and move around pieces and see what's cool. That's for writing more simple rock type of stuff.

For metal, I usually put on some blast beat at around 160bpm, same thing, dick around til I come up with something, then I'll determine if the riff should speed up or slow down.

I like using Fruity loop a lot when writing, it's very easy to chop around stuff, keep everything line up. Recording and listening to playback is very important to writing a riff IMO.
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Oops, you are talking about inspiration. Hmmm..learn some weird chords or chords that's not common in the genre that you play and put it to use. I like to do that alot and sometime it can sound very out of place, but also sometime awesome stuff can happen.
Also, record a simple chord progression as a backing track, then loop it and listen to it non-stop while picturing different voicing, stuff like that in your head, then try to translate it to the guitar. It helps me when I'm stuck.
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