for example, p chords like:

I know they sound difference, but sometimes they sound the same... For example i find it easier to play a 4/2 or 4x2 them a 4/4/2, cause they almost sound the same

I heard something about roots... any help?

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They all have the same root. The first one has root, 5th, octave. This one has the biggest sound. The second is just root and octave, so not a power chord. The third is just the root and fifth.
ok first...use english and learn to type. that might help people answer you...

ill try my best to get what your asking:
each of the chords you listed have the same root. so theres no difference there. they are basically the same chord. the first is a full power chord (root, 5th note of the scale, octave). the second is an octave power chord (root, muted string, octave). the third is a powerchord without the octave (root and 5th).

so there isnt much of a difference...same powerchord, different voicings for the most part. i think thats what you wanted?
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1st - 3-string power chord: Root, 5th + octave.
3rd - 2-string power chord: Root + 5th.
These two can usually be interchanged as the 3-string version isn't actually adding another note as such.

2nd - That isn't a power chord. It's an interval, namely an octave.
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