hey guys,

i'm looking for a pedal to loop riffs so i can jam with myself.
what are some good pedals ?
budget around 150 dollars, willing to go used.

I am looking for one as well, but waiting to save up for a good one. Good quality one's are around the 300 dollar range. I wouldn't get any other ones lower than that, but there's probably some.
what makes a loop pedal good quality ? good sound quality or what ?

are the Boss Rc's decent ? and the digitech jamman ?
the boss pedal is just fine. it does everything that you want it to. but if you're looking for something with more features, you'll need to spend a little more money for the digitech. i hear that one is awesome. depends how much you want out of the pedal.
You can grab a used Akai Headrush E2. That would probably be your best option


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