Alrighty, so...
I have a Marshal DSL100 head in silver with matching cabinet. I'm using a BOSS Gt8 for eq and occasional effects (not od, or distortion, or amp modeling).
Guitar is a Tokai Les Paul copy, beautiful really. Looks like a Gibson down to the headstock, Mahogany back, maple top, great feeling neck (I have a Gibson Standard LP to compare it to).
I play...well anything really, though it happens to be a little more metal. Examples are Megadeth, Children of Bodom, Protest the Hero, BLS and Dream Theater in terms of tone that I like.

My questions are:
1. What exactly are ohms? I have a vague idea, but would like to know if there's a difference in tone from 8 to 16ohms.

2. I've been looking into some new pick ups for the Tokai because I have no idea what the stock pups are.As well as hoping that it might be the cause of a lot of 'hissy' high end in my tone. I've always had this problem with tone on any amp. So, what pickups do you guys suggest, as well as what other problems might cause this 'hiss'?

3. I have also been looking into an od pedal, and would appreciate suggestions. I have stated my style/preference in tones beforehand (and I hope that helps).

I'm sorry for the long post, but I felt giving all the info now is better than doing so scattered throughout the thread.
Thank you.
try to shield your cavity for the LP, also invest in a good noice gate
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I'm sorry, I test the amp without the gt8, and the hiss was still present. Perhaps it's just be being too picky about tone.
My budget, just over 200Canadian.
The cavity for the LP is shielded, yes. Yes, i was looking inot a noisegate, the only one I have is in the Gt8. And suggestion for a noisegate if need be?
Thanks guys.
Sorry for the double post, but I'd like to see if anyone else has any answers or suggestions, without making another thread.
Oh, and new question, anyone heard of the EMG X pickups?
The hiss is probably background noise so you'd need a suppressor. The best is the Decimator ProRack G but its around £330 the other option is a Boss Noise Suppressor at around £80 and if you want to go even cheaper the Behringer Noise Suppressor is at about £22.
The hiss is when I play. I have the NS in the gt8, and it works, but when I play I hear that hiss. Again, it might just be me picky about my tone, and think there's too much high end.
Is the BOSS NS great? Some dude at the shop here showed me the MXR (I think) one.
Checked out that MXR noisegate.
Pretty nice, actually. Seemed to like it more than the one on the gt8. ha.
I'm really looking into leaving that alone, and creating a pedalboard with analog pedals. Any suggestions on ODs? Again, liking the Megadeth type tone.. mid heavy, right?
Thanks again.