Well, I was active for maybe 2-3 days but then I started to get really active with music and stuff like that. I needed to find a community so I thought about coming back here.

Since the community isn't so bad as I last remembered, I decided to come back.
For all of you who don't know me(probably all, I wasn't a very important member) I'm Riotblade.

I use to play guitar for a little bit until it wore off of me. I am in a band where I play keys and bass(lol Geddy Lee). I just started bass about 4-5 days ago and I believe I am learning quickly. I mainly came here to see if I would learn many things for bass.
I played keys for a good 2-3 years. I love to play progressive metal, jazz, and some classical.

So thats mainly, my music background. If you wanna know more, just ask.
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