I think what is keeping me back from faster picking is how I hold the pick. I've been holding my pick the way he demonstrates NOT to hold it in this video- ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mE2S3u-Wz1g ) at 1:38, for the past few years! I can't describe how strange I feel knowing I might be doing something so simple the wrong way and it's keeping me from progressing. Now I don't completely hold it out goofy pinched between my fingers like that it is more of a cross between that and how he demonstrates to completely hook your index finger in and place it on that. I tried that way but it feels goofy and awkward when doing upstrokes. Any Input?!?!
Not everyone here is this sad fu<ked up &cold
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Theres no correct way to hold a pick, find the way that works FOR YOU. You need to be comfortable with the pick, the picking technique is what you should be more worried about.
The only reason I became worried is because when I try to play much faster I feel like I am wobbling with the pick too much and my playing becomes sloppy. Also occasionally when I am doing rhythm my pick will start to spin on me
Not everyone here is this sad fu<ked up &cold
Hold the pick closer to the point then and grip slightly harder. Find a happy medium that you can retain grip without tensing your hand too much and you still have some flexibility to change your picking style easily.