the ibanez is sooooooo nice to play i was jamming on one yesterday but i would die for a spector (dont really like the colour)

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Schecter Stiletto. Cuts through the mix like..... Well, something that cuts through the mix really easy. That'd be your only chance to be heard in a metalcore band.
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I dont know much about the others, but ibanez makes fantastic basses. However if your gonna get an ibanez fiver, I STRONGLY suggest the SR705. I love mine to death
Metalcore automatically means Ibanez SR series bass. I do not understand why you picked a cheap Ibanez for us to choose from when you put two higher priced shecters on there. My suggestion is this baby right hyah...:
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I would bar the Spector because it is a 4 and I love 5 strings.

From there I'd pick the Stiletto. I like them better than C. I like Schecter better than Ibanez
If the Spector was a 5 string, I wouldn't really be able to say, I haven't played one
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