i just downloaded the aim update for mac, and i already have aim on my mac, and i dont know what the hell to do. i opened the file, followed the install instructions, and it gives me one of those files that looks like a rounded white rectangle, i forget what its called. but i open that, and it gives me a folder with "install aim for mac 1.1.pkg" and "license.rtf", thats it. and when i open "install aim for mac", it just takes me through the install process again.

i got this for christmas, and installed everything i needed way back then, and i havent really installed anything now.
use ichat? i didnt know they even made aim for mac anymore

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Yeah use iChat silly.

It works with AIM a lot.

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I did it like this: delete everything that has to do with AIM besides the updated stuff. Then click on the .pkg. Hope that helps.
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Or if you really want to use that bloatware, just download the latest AIM and drag it into your application folder and confirm to replace it.

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AIM for mac is simply horrible, a lot worse than the windows version. Just use iChat.
Use iChat or Adium. You can import your contacts and everything from AIM with either of them. They will function just like AIM only not be sh*t.
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