Hey guys,

I was very bored this weekend and decided to make this in my spare time. It's very short unfortunately...

Any comments/criticisms/suggestions are well appreciated.


- Lord-O-Donuts
It's going to be a fine night, tonight.
First of all I love your ideas, they're right up my street. However I think you may be suffering from some organisational problems. What I mean is that first bit from the beginning to bar 51 sounds like a completely different piece to 52 to 59 and once again different from 60 to the end.

- sort out the transition between the first part and the 6/4 section as that the only weak part in that lot in my opinion.

- add a couple of extra bars that work into the part between 52-59 as it CAN work in the same piece I just feel that as it is it just comes completely out of no where. Although that could well have been the effect you where going for. I'll just shut up haha.

- The last part with the solo and then the distorted thing after it, once again I feel like they come out of no where. My solution would be to add more stuff between the last riff and make this the end of an epic solo and the outro.

In my opinion you have three different moods in this little piece that I think will work, but only once you expand on each section, do some arrangement, add more flavour with other instruments, etc.

Good job though matey!
Check it out?