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Alright, paying bills without a job and such is a difficult task and I need all the money i can get. So, I'm selling my custom gaming computer which I built myself and did a custom black paint job on the back and inside. I'm also selling my laptop, a Gateway MX6453, and a Dean Edge 4-String Bass Guitar.

Specs of the Desktop:
AMD Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition Quad Core CPU Overclocked @ 3.1 GHz
4gb OCZ Platinum DDR2 800 RAM
Asus M2N-SLi Deluxe Motherboard AM2/AM2+
Zotac 8800GT 512MB GDDR3 Graphics card Overclocked @ 700/1600/2000MHz
OCZ ModXStream 600 Watt Modular Power Supply
400 GB SATA Hard drive
Apevia X-Navigator Steel Full Tower Case (4 LED fans)
Samsung DVD Burner with Lightscribe 22x

Pics of the Computer:

This is just for the tower itself, not the keyboard, mouse, monitor and so on. If anyone is really interesting in the keyboard and such let me know.

The computer is a beast to say the least. It includes Vista Home Premium, which it chews through with no problems, and plays any game well.. even Crysis. I will consider any decent offers, and since it is very heavy I will ask the buyer pay half of the shipping.


The laptop... is a Gateway MX6453. This is a good laptop, although it has gone through some wear, at least cosmetically. It has a few scratches and some signs of use where the wrists rest on the laptop. Spec wise, it is still a good laptop and competes very well with those being sold now.

Specs for the laptop:
AMD Turion™ 64 X2 Mobile TL-52 @ 1.6 GHz (dual core)
15.4-inch Ultrabright™ WXGA TFT (1280 × 800)
2048 MB 533 MHz DDR2 (2 × 1024) RAM
ATI Radeon® Xpress 1150 Graphics
DVD+/-RW Multi-Format Double Layer (up to 8.5 GB)
160 GB 5400 RPM PATA hard drive
Windows Vista Home Premium

Pics of the Laptop:

Battery life for the laptop is very good, at high performance it lasts about an 1.5 hours and on power saver it lasts 4 hours. I'm asking $275 for the laptop and shipping is free, and comes with a free black carrying case.


Finally, I'm selling my bass guitar because I never play it, I only play my guitar usually. It's a Dean Edge 4-String Bass, metallic red. It has 2 active humbucking pickups, a basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard w/ dot inlays, and chrome hardware. It's in a great condition, and has hardly ever been used. I'm asking $150 for it with free shipping.

Pics of the Bass Guitar:

Thanks in advance. I will consider all reasonable offers.
that is one monster of a machine.
Just to get this is perspective for someone interested to buy, Dell would sell a system similar to that for $2000.
Been in Japan since August, no fucking money left!
Yeah, I used to play WoW and Oblivion on it quite a bit before I built my desktop. It does get warm like any laptop, but nothing too bad. Gaming with it for a few hours on a lap will make it pretty hot.
I was going to do a full reformat and reinstall. If there are any programs that you may want on there, I'm sure I could put them on there for you.
I have the same laptop...A lot of video games don't support the mobile chipset, but it is a reliable laptop nonethe less.
that laptop will play left 4 dead no problem and that is all you need right?
Been in Japan since August, no fucking money left!
Sorry for the double post.

$1000 for the desktop, $250 for the laptop, and $150 for the bass. Free shipping on everything and Crysis and Bioshock with the desktop.
Bump, today and tomorrow only $230 for the laptop with a free leather carrying case. $950 for the desktop, and $140 for the bass.
What games can the laptop handle? Could you go to and look up Bioshock and Dead Space.
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bump again
yeah, it won't run Bioshock, but it will run Dead Space. Bioshock would be quite demanding on any laptop.
I'm interested in the laptop. i'll take it off your hands soon if my potential clients decide to go through me.
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Congrats dude. I kinda want a BJ too 'cause I like them so much. I'll check your clipz later.

holy BALLS that desktop is a piece of sex.

I don't have a grand though...only guitar equipment....Hope someone buys it!
Laptop sold.

Desktop and Bass remain. $950 for the desktop, $150 for the bass. Come on people.
Quote by Melodic_Rocker
Laptop sold.

Desktop and Bass remain. $950 for the desktop, $150 for the bass. Come on people.

but you said $140 for the bass previously D:
$950 for that desktop? You're ripping yourself off, man... Try doing a craigslist for your city. That way, you don't even have to pay for shipping, as it's a local pickup deal. That desktop is a beast, and you deserve more than $950 for it.

Gassing hard for that bass guitar as well, but alas, I don't have the money for it... Not unless I sell my Squier bass. Which model is it? It looks like it's a Dean Edge Quilt Top model, but those stock pickups are passive... Speaking of which, how quiet are the pickups? I like to play my basses through a load of distortion, and I've been finding that my Squier's single coils just aren't enough to handle it.

Thanks. I will definitely look into Craigslist, but I desperately need the money so I'm willing to take a bit of a hit. And this is just for the case not the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Which I can include for extra.

The bass is not the quilt top, it's the Edge 2. I'm not sure what you mean by how quiet they are. They sound really good through my Russian Big Muff, very heavy and full. I only really played Muse stuff with it, and their bassist uses a lot of distortion and fuzz. It really replicates that tone quite well.
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