Hey check out my band I Partied With A Pornstar.
we're kinda punk rock with a bit of alternative in there. these recordings were done when we had our drummer for two weeks so they're a little harsh haha. and obviously our new tunes are better. We sound a bit like The Unseen, Senses Fail, Rise Against (i hate that band but the other members love em), A Change of Pace, The Killing Moon, and yeah. check us out and comment on our page to let us know what you think. or on here of course.

I Partied With A Pornstar
Number Three is the word reminds me of a senses fail song
The opening guitar riff to Barriers could sound a little bit better (tone wise I think)
I noticed the leads during the chorus's all sound pretty similar. The vocals don't really change notes, until the chorus, and it follows the lead which doesn't really blend to make either one stand out. Your drummer is pretty tight but it's the same beat throughout in losing my mind. C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1086176
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It's spelled khoyaschotsii. Trust me, I'm a Native American. My name is Running Rainbow.
oh kick ass people do reply lol thanks. to the first guy, um no. but they fucking rule in influencing us lol. why do you ask?
to the second dude, i shall check out their stuff and see if i can find the similarity myself. and yes barriers was the first song we recorded that day and sounds lame, and is one of our most hated songs now haha.
and to the third guy, yeah true true. this demo was recorded two weeks after we got our new drummer, so we didnt really have time to teach him any of the (in all our opinions) good songs haha. so yeah. hold tight and we'll get another demo of the good songs up haha. and yes losing my mind sucks. same beat its horrible. and i shall crit yours back sometime in the near future. message me if its been a week and i haven't

I didn't mean do you know them personally haha. I was just surprised someone else all the way across the country had heard of them. They are from my hometown and came into my middle school when I was in 7th grade for career day. Wicked nice guys, they signed some **** for me. Too bad they're all done though...
oh haha i get chya. yeah man they rock. i've got like, everything they ever put up for sale haha. the CD, the shirt, and the buttons haha. oh thats kick ass man! thats cool man. yeah man that sucks for sure