Are the Seymour Duncan Rail Humbucker for the Telecaster any good?
Im thinking about getting one for the bridge position, just wondering if it does exactly it says on the tin, ie providing a good humbucking sound in a pickup that will fit the same space as my current single coil?
I know there are several different ones you can get, but I haven't chosen one specifically yet.

Thanks in advance.
dont do it!! it will ruin the LOVVVEERRRLLEYYYYY tone you get in position 2 on a telecaster, and thats the best bit of a telecastr!!!

it will work but as a humbucker, you can coil tap it but it will not sound the same as normal, humbuckers are gay anyway, just keep the awsome single coils and make pure noises of win.
Single coils don't sound too good for rawk solos haha
But does it actually ruin the middle position sound?
Cause I can't see myself missing the bridge sound when I've got a thicker sound, but I could see myself missing that funky middle position sound.