Hi, a little while ago, I bought me a Big John Hairy Balls Fuzz (made in Belgium) and a Big John granny puker.
When I tested it, it was on a small amp and sounded great, but when I tried it on my own amp, a mesa boogie Mark IV, the fuzz just doesn't seem to get as dirty as on a solid state amp, while it is designed for tubes, anybody an idea what the problem can be?
Anybody an idea what the problem can be?
Thanks anyways!
Im thinking of having fuzz with a hi gain amp so i want to see where this goes.
ill help you as much as i can BUMP
Crank the volume on the fuzz a little bit if you can. Also Mitchell is right about the guitars, you may have tried the fuzzes with a guitar with higher-output pickups.


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nope same guitar on the different systems, I have a Gordon Smith and a Gibson Les Paul...
Apparently they sound better with the volume up, so try that.
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yeah, fuzz pedals do tend to sound best slightly boosting the amp, from my experience, so crank that volume!!

btw, you just confirmed that the big john hairy balls isn't a joke, it's actually a fuzzbox i didn't believe it.
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It could be that the smaller amp had a smaller speaker, which in turn has higher frequency response. For example, 6" or 8" speakers tend to sound higher pitched then a pair of 12's. I could be off base but that's what it seems like. Set the Fuzz or Tone pot up.
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