Im thinking of selling my gibson now, as I really just have too much stuff. It is in great condition and plays like a dream! A tiny dent here or there but thats how I bought it from GC. It is all stock, with the gibson 490R/490T pickups which I think sound awesome. I have a HSC for it which I paid 60 or 70 for, and I got the guitar for 750 I believe so Im looking for 650 shipped and not much less. Here are some pics, I may consider trades but they will have to be interesting!

bump, guitar is for sale and on ebay but I would rather sell here for some anti ebay fees, someone buy this sg!!! Ill drop the price to 600 shipped w/hsc
Well it just sold on ebay for 600 shipped, so im sure you could! You have to pay shipping and ebay fees which suck though so Ill probably get more like 500 total from it...
man I wish I had the cash this is an awesome guitar
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accepting trades?
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