our band started about 3 years ago and has changed enough so that we are happy with the set up and now we want to get some recordings done.

what should we record????

where should we??? (Cheapest)

our mate who has been dubed "manager" has some where we might go but we aren't sure.

Help plz
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If you've never recorded before, I'd recommend somewhere cheap enough, or at least good value, since you'll probably spend a lot of time getting to grips with the whole recording situation.
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question 2: you have 2 basic options. go to a studio and pay out the ass. or buy some decent recording setup stuff for the price of a few studio sessions and do it yourself. i'm more of a fan of do it yourself, studio's don't really have anything to offer these days that you can't get with decent recording equipment, a decent practice space, and a little experience with a DAW.
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Go to musicians.about.com for everything music related. It rocks lol .
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Well, this is how we recorded:
Get a computer with some sort of audio editing software. We used CoolEdit Pro 3, because it was already instaled on my friends computer when we got it from his dad for our band. After you have that, make sure you have a decent audio card instaled, if you dont, buy and external one for like 100$. Then all you need is a mic, basicly you can use a cheap computer mic, but that obviously wont give you very good resoults. I recomend using the one that your singer uses, at least thats what we did since we didnt have anything better. If you have your own PA system, you can use mics from there. The best thing would be to have separate mics for drums, guitar and vocals, but i am guesing that you dont have all that.
After you get evrything you need (Computer, audio software, decent sound card, mic), you can pretty much get recording. You can just record your band playing live, but that usualy resoults in crappy quality. Thats what we did, and while all the instruments were not that badly recorded, the vocals were barely audiable. You could record all the instrument parts at the same time and then overly the vocals over that, but that also wouldnt be very good.
What i recomend, and thats also what we did after the first "live" takes, is to record each instrument individualy. First the drum track, then bass, rhytm guitar, lead guitar, vocals. The haredst to record are drums. Get some nice headphones, start a metronome and have the drummer play to that. Then, you pretty much just play your parts over the recrding and thats it. I recomend recording the solo completely separately, because if you screw up, and you most certanly will on your first try, you can just go again wthout much problems.
After you record, you just need to do some mixing, pretty much just adjust the volume levels of all the instruments, and maybe put a tiny bit of reverb on the vocals, or basicly whatever you want. After you are satisfied, just export to your favourite format, and youre done.
So, thats how we recorded our two best made songs, and they turned our pretty nice. Just insit that the drum track is recorded perfectly, because one mistake on the drum track can pretty much put the wole thing out of whack.
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The cheapest and most simple way to go about recording on a minimal budget would be to:

1) Use a computer with a decent sound card that has a MIDI input, or some even come with 1/4" jacks, which is what most guitar cables are.

2) Download a sound program that allows you to record from a MIDI source, such as Audacity.

3) Record your drum beat first. The best method will be to use a PA to wire 4 mics from the drums, snare, bass, overhead left, and overhead right. Put this through the PA then out to the computer's MIDI input. Record these.

4) Find/Get some nice headphones that produce almost no noise that will be heard when worn.

5) Record each instrument via playing the drum track on the headphones, it will keep them in time and be able to recognize transitions in the song.

6) Mix and master as required. You can add individual effects to each seperate recording, so you will not need to use effects on your guitar, vox, or bass, unless you have a specific sound not offered by the program. If this is required, mic the amp, put it on a low volume setting, with the mic towards the middle of the amp.