Like that of
a Queen, or King
placed onto each other
causing a mutual,
This card,
In solitude, can be open arms
but what I see
around the birthday,
the Christmas trees,
the oh-how-I-love you anniversaries
is a common
formerly known as

It is shocking really,
that a Rorschach heart blot shilloet in the common persons eye
turns into a sex drenched horrorshow on the likes of a
Amsterdam red light flickering on and off because the bulb is so old
and the malnourished revenue of poor and drunkard cowards
throwing clams at these women, these women who in everyright
could be beautiful, whether it be through their eyes or the mind,
Its a fucking chosen cancer,
and the common mans ciggarette is now this lipstick sleeve world

what can you expect when you live in this industrial nonsensical place
where when you whistle either the smog or another mans words
clog up your lungs, calling out, "quiet! quiet!",
what can you expect in this pseudo-socialist-democratic-atheist-christian land
where everyone wants an opinion but the opinion has demands and a mind of its own
Shouting out a slur of hate-speech, guilt ridden, sex offending dribble
on a talking radio or on a biased uncoordinated left wing television
The shittiest part of it all is that,
Children are getting hit hard
Music is getting hit hard
and in reality I can't believe
that money is the culprit,
or that the want of money, power, is the culprit
its the demoralization
the senseless
Love has turned into

and I mean sure
there is people who get it,
But you can't paint a painting with the most ugliest of colors,
and expect the few nice colors
to shine through
can you?

I use to think love was love
and god is god
then I thought,
love is warmth, the oh-so-oh-so-oh warmth
and god... well he isn't important
then well..
I asked myself
What if neither exist?
Could I find the answer... anywhere?

No... I can't

Because you can't find love in a sex shop
nor can you find god on a page of the Holy Book
and the reason is
She gave up awhile ago
because the beauty just faded
and now all that is left is this
dark hazed room
and soon enough
I'll be sitting their, laughing, crying, emotionless
knowing I won

I won and you didn't,
because I escaped the empty
in an empty room.
this one is for you.