I decided to make a thread so everybody in the Pit can play Xbox Live together.

Gamertag: Victoryismine01

Games (Don't post all your games, just the ones you play alot): Call Of Duty WaW,Call of Duty 4, Madden 09, NHL 08, Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
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Wait 5 hours
Be accused by the promoter of being late
Get told we have only a 10 minute set
Play pure noise for 10 minutes

Worst and most amusing gig of my life.

Anyone else had this kind of **** happen?!

Dimebag had a worse gig.
Gaming Thread has all of them.
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

gaming. thread.
This is actually a pretty good idea. Most people jsut post "hurhur add me lulz" without actually saying what games they play...
DoB Squiz, I'm hardly on though.
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Oh, look at those naughty waffles and their banana's...


(if this is against the rules, I'll take it down.)
Polar Baird.

Hit me up, folks.
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Just ignore the huge ass list I made in one of the first posts in the Gaming Thread.

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iLIVE4sports125, in the sig.

I play NHL 09, Call of Duty: World At War, Halo 3, Left 4 Dead, Rock Band 2, Nascar 08...
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Hockey is blatant racism... White guys hitting black pucks with sticks.

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