i've been wanting a humbucker for a while now. i have my single coil strat and i love the sound of them but i really dig the sound of zakk wylde and adam jones and mastadon, but i cant get that sound with single coils. I've played with my amp settings, and experimented but still no luck. so i think im gonna get a humbucker. here is the predicament:

should i get a humbucker for my strat, or should i just get a new guitar. i really like my strat, it fits well in my hands and i got the tremolo to stay in tune without a floyd. but im also worried about losing that strat tone i love so much, so maybe a new guitar. if i do decide on a new one, i'll probably get one of those cheaper prs or epiphone sg's, and do a pickup change. but if i put hte new pickup in the strat, i'll just move the current bridge pickup to the middle slot.

what do ya'll think?

EDIT: if i do decide to change the strat's pickup, should i get a real humbucker or one thats single coil sized like a hotrails
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Get a new guitar
Save yourself some money and look for used or even at a lesser known brand (so you're not paying more for the name then for the guitar)

Edit: check out Agile guitars, rondomusic dot com
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