What do you guys think of these Aussie rockers? I personally think they're great and can't wait for their next album, now that Andrew Stockdale has found his new musicians. Based on what new material they've played so far, it sounds like it'll be a great new set of songs.

Saw them live a few years ago. Was the first time I'd ever heard them. Amazing. What's different with the line-up now though? I'm not much of a follower so I didn't even know there were line-up changes.
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Bassist looks like a moviestar ...
But i can't find the name right now
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OK I'll give you the news since you guys aren't familiar. Two members quit, drummer Myles Heskett and Bass/Keys player Chris Ross. It's a long story as to why, musical direction, getting tired of each other etc. but now, after almost a year, Andrew Stockdale (Singer/guitarist) has gotten his business together and found some replacements. They played two shows under a pseudonym, White Feather. They played one new song and three or four songs that they had already played, but were going to be on the new album. One new song, Pilgrim, I tabbed out and is here on UG . Anyway, I'll give you guys the names of the new members. He got another guitarist this time along with another drummer (which is supposedly better than Myles!) and another Bass/Keys player.

The list is:
guitarist Aidan Nemeth,
bassist and keyboardist Ian Peres
drummer Dave Atkins
and of course still at the reigns is guitarist/singer Andrew Stockdale

for Wolfmother news, you'll want to go to www.wolfmother.net because they're always the 1st or 2nd to get the news and the official wolfmother site is not back up yet.

All I remember from them is that Woman was on Guitar Hero and an iPod commercial. I haven't heard anything else either than that album.
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I find their music too derivative for my tastes. But that's just me.
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