Well I recently got a new amp, the Mesa Boogie Subway Rocker. I dig the tone, but I just have one concern (This is what I get when I go used). Whenever I switch the channel from rythm to lead, the amp makes a loud popping noise. Obviously this would be noticeable during a giging situation and would prevent me from switching to a distorted sound during a song.(This doesn't happen when I switch to the rythm channel from the lead)

Most of the time it will make the loud pop, but sometimes it doesn't. It doesn't matter if I use the footswitch or the onboard controls, the result is an annoying pop. Any troubleshooting thoughts on what might be causing this problem. The tubes are somewhat old but seem to be fine. Could swapping them out make things better? At least this isn't a major problem, but its something that's really bugging me. (Yes this is my 2nd new topic today, but they are two completely different topics.)

This isn't supposed to happen, and as far as I know, there aren't any workarounds. Since you got it recently, might as well go exchange it for a new one.
turn volume down quick before u switch from rhythm to lead? get someone else to do it for you when your gigging
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If its similar to the circuitry of a recto, then that is supposed to happen.
Quote by jake911
If its similar to the circuitry of a recto, then that is supposed to happen.

It doesn't make sense to me that a company wouldn't fix a loud pop when changing channels. Does anyone know something that might be causing that and if its fixable. I suppose I might have to take it to a tech or something.
Never mind. I looked into it and I guess this is a problem a lot of mesa's have. They certainly don't advertise that but I'll have to live with it.