I have a BOSS GT-10 (wooo!) and I've heard good things about the GT-6's and the GT-8's, but unless you know a lot of the technical stuff they're apparently difficult to use... Hell, I wouldn't know meself 'cus GT-10's explain themselves, pretty much.

I don't have any particular favorite settings seeing as I often switch between lead and rhythm, but I've gotta say that the pre-amp settings are awesome, they make my flat sounding Marshall sound good... Which was something I doubted I'd ever be able to do! I play Black Metal (for the most) and the wide array of variability and effects is awesome, I wouldn't see me selling it anytime soon.
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...In other words, I'm taking a giant dump on fender owners who use pods.
I use the "Mesa Boogie Vintage" Preamp setting and the "Power Metal" EQ setting for my Main Rhythm thru a Marshall DSL 100 Half Stack and let me tell u its Friggin' AWESOME SON!