A couple weeks ago we have completed the mastering process for our debut album Nostalgia. After many delays, studio changes, amps crapping out, PC cooling units going dead, multiple mixing and mastering approaches - you name it - the music was finally wrapped up, all nuances massaged and all in the band happy with the result. Yeah - this has been a long process and we're a picky bunch, but it's all in the name of quality and detail.

The album is being printed as we speak and it is set for a late April release through BlackCurrant Music. The exact release date will be announced at the end of March as will the list of labels/distros which will carry the CD. This pressing of the album will be in form of a digipack including a 20 page booklet featuring, aside from lyrics, photography by basist Jakub Kupiszewski and Ewa Graniak as well as artwork and design created by Travis Smith. To sum it up, this pressing is just as the band had envisioned it from beginning to end, and will most likely end up to be a limited edition so make sure to get your hands on it!

At the moment we have posted two full new songs from the album for you to check out: "Stormcalling" and "Stare Into the Sun" (www.gwynbleidd.com). More will come as we approach the release. Hope you enjoy the new tunes and spread the word: Nostalgia is arriving soon!

Go advertise your crap somewhere else.

CTHEDIT: Props on Travis Smith though

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Still, this is the wrong forum to post it in.
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I'll make it a point to try it out.
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sorry about posting in the wrong forum, did not notice the proper one initially. The only reason I came back here because I knew there was some interest in the past. Won't happen again