Wrote this today about myself and my life as it is of today.
Not titled yet so it's just named after the first line.


Oh my god, what did I do?
Did I act this badly? Is what they say true?
Can I walk down the streets tomorrow?
Without being brought back into yesterday’s sorrow?

Impossible lies and lonely nights
Oh but you know every coin have two shades of lights

All summer’s warmth will never dry my tears
All the helping hands will never weaken my fears
In the room there stood people watching me cry
I can honestly say that I thought to myself
This is the night that I die

It never came to me, it was a blessing to me
I had witnessed first hand, I finally understand
That there’s always something that you’re lacking

Be it silver and gold in your pocket today
Be it love you had hoped for so blue eyed
Ask me how it feels time after time
When life never stop disappoint you

Story town village and the cars on the streets
Who made up all these lies to you people?
I’d gladly take part of everything one day
But I first want to know where I’m going

I'd like to believe but how can you expect me to?
sometimes I see us in a cymbal splash or in the sound of a car crash